• August 24, 2009

9ff Reveals its Details about the Porsche Panamera

9ff PanameraThe 9ff reveals details regarding the customized Porsche Panamera. The new promises to the Porsche tuner are all about bringing changes. It is not just to let Gambella have all the fun but there are responsible changes being brought about as well.

The car will come with some Bugatti Veyron rivaling capabilities announcing its Panamera tuning program. The greater details of this car would be revealed by and by.

The 9ff is going to turn into a new Turbo model with its upgrading status. The PT-55 will bring about new ECU development to the Panamera Turbo with 500 to 550 hp given to it.

The PT-60 will bring about 600 hp that will totally be in tune with the new sport rendition of the model.

 sCredit: autoblog

The PT-65 will also have fitting turbos, full aero kit, 22 inch piercing wheels as well as a lot of interior upgrading going on.

Source: paklinks

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