• July 14, 2010

A Different Insurer for my Bike

Although I started off on the roads with a car like most people when I was seventeen, within a few years I had decided that my passion was really for motors stationed on just the two wheels. Ever since then I have always ridden motorbikes and I haven’t owned a car for about seven years.

Photo By Edgley Cesar

The only problem with riding bikes is ultimately you are going to want something more powerful. So it proved for me, about once every year! I started with a little chicken chaser with a 50 cc engine, soon progressed to a 125, then a 250, followed by a 650, and now I have just bought my first 1000 cc motorbike!

I have to say that it has been a real problem with insurance though. My insurance company before was the same people who had always insured me, including when I first started driving a car, and as such it is an insurance company that is predominantly aimed at car drivers. I always thought that this didn’t matter, but ober the years I have started to think that the cost is pretty high, and my quote for my new bike was enormous! It was actually a figure that I woCuldn’t be able to afford to pay, so I decided to look for a company that was more used to dealing with bike insurance.

Fortunately I came across Carole Nash. A great company and an even better price! I was thrilled and hundreds got chopped off the price! I could breathe easy knowing that I could at least afford to get this bike on the road!

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