• April 5, 2010

About Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines began their service as a Detroit based charter one airline that conducted charter tours and operated for entertainment travel packages for destinations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the Bahamas. After 10 years of being in the industry, Spirit extended their service from Boston and Providence to Atlantic City.

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Right now, Spirit is the leading low cost carrier to the Caribbean serving around 42 markets with 150 daily flights in Bahamas, United States, South and Central America. With time, Spirit is expanding their network by gradually adding more destinations to their list. They have expanded their services to Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru in South America and Nicaragua in Central America. In 2008, they added their services to Boston, San Antonio, Columbia and South Carolina in the U.S. and to Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Panama City, Port of Spain, Cartegana and Bogota.

Spirit Airline has now become an all-air bus airline which was transition they began in 2004 and completed in 2006. They seat about 144 passengers with their Airbus 319 and Airbus 321s seating 198 passengers. The aim of Spirit Airlines has been to provide low cost air travelling to customers without compromising on reliability and efficiency. To highlight this motto, they have introduced their low cost carrier band in the colors of Latin America and the Caribbean. The four goals represent the airlines goal or objective which are reliable and on time represented by environmental green, caliente red representing low cost fares, ocean blue representing friendly staff members and new clean planes represented by sunshine yellow.

Another great point about the airlines is that it does not force customers to avail extra offers if they do not wish to. Instead, they leave the choice of the extra offer up to their customer. Spirit offers more than it takes in the form of new technologies, friendly staff and high tech aircrafts. Among the extra benefits offered by Spirit are car rentals, hotels, cruises and vacation packages, checked baggage, personal cargo to name a few. With Spirit Airlines you not just get value for money but much more!

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