• October 3, 2019

Mandatory Accident Cover for Your Bike: Why Is It Important?

Mandatory Accident Cover for Your Bike: Why Is It Important?

“On today’s highways, riding a bike is a very frustrating task. You must be a quality rider, must have both hands on the bike and both feet too.” But mishaps come with no knock, so it is mandatory to have an accident cover for your bike.

Riding a bike is fun and thrilling, but on Indian roads, there is not much room left for us. Jam pack roads, stray cattle resting in the middle of the road, poor road conditions, and various other reasons do not let us drive safely. While the young generation may consider bike travel as convenient and quick, it is also prone to many risks. We see it often on the roads that one moment some people are enjoying their bike ride, while the other moment misfortune happens.

While such events are avoidable to an extent, it is also vital to safeguard yourself with the vehicle. Two wheeler insurance with personal accident cover has become a mandate, especially if you are riding on Indian roads.

IRDA has also made it compulsory for Indian bike owners to have two-wheeler insurance as a safety net. Under the rules, you can make a claim up to 15 lacs.

How does it benefit the policyholder?

They say if it has not happened to you before doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you ever.

The insurance with accident cover works as a security towards the vehicle and its owner. Let’s take an instance. If someday your friend meets with a tragic accident which takes away his life. He leaves behind his home-maker wife and a little kid. People may give them emotional support, but no one provides financial care. In such cases, the insurance comes into play. The personal accident cover taken by your friend will give his family a lumpsum amount according to the insurance policy.

Accident cover of the two-wheeler insurance facilitates:

  • Total permanent disability
  • Accidental death

The compensation paid is liable to the extent of the injury.

If the above reasons are not enough for you to consider buying accident cover under bike insurance, there are a few other reasons as well.

Key benefits of opting an accident cover are:

  • Accidental Death Benefits: Life is transitory. It only pitches that googly on you when you expect it the least. An accident is one such googly which can anytime turn into a dreadful death. If such an event occurs, your surviving family will receive 100% of the sum assured.
  • Disability Compensation: While one unfortunate event can take your life, on the other side, it has the power of leaving you permanently disabled. In such cases, looking at the extent of severity, the compensation is given by the insurer. In cases of permanent disability, the insurer provides you the total sum assured. In case of partial disability, you can claim 50% of the total sum assured or depending upon the disability extent.
  • Hospital Cash Benefits: Many insurance companies provide immediate cash benefits in cases of ongoing treatment for severe injuries. You can know more about the benefits of your insurer.
  • Round the clock assistance: Most of the insurance companies provide 24*7 claim assistance to their customers. In cases of adversity, do not forget to call your insurer to take all the help.

There are many benefits to opting for accidental cover while buying a compulsory two-wheeler insurance policy. You can read them online or ask your insurer for the information.

With all the benefits, the policy also has a few exclusions which must be considered:

While you are eligible to receive a total amount of sum assured as death benefits, there are a few exclusions that must be considered before making any claim. They are:

  • The insurer is liable to terminate the suit if the rider-owner is under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the occurrence of an accident.
  • If the owner is not riding the bike himself, the claim will be dismissed.
  • If the insurer is not holding a valid driving license.
  • If the owner of the vehicle is mentally disturbed or self-harms, such as suicide.
  • If the rider-owner gets involved in criminal acts.

In such instances, the insurer is not liable to pay for the claim.

Put on the safety net before it’s too late

The insurance policy with accidental coverage conceals you but facilitates your family in case of tragic incidents. While the government has made it mandatory to purchase a basic two-wheeler insurance policy for all bike owners; it becomes our duty to put another safety net for our beloved family.

Wise decisions must not take much time to think while the clock ticks.

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