• May 16, 2011

Active Fuel Management System in GMC’s Yukon and Sierra Adds Fuel Efficiency

GMC has been building trucks since 1902 and it is the renowned brand in the automobile industry. GMC is doing its best to provide more fuel-economical trucks and SUVs to customers. Terrain small SUV and Acadia Crossover are among them. In addition, new GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickups are among the most potent trucks in the market. Yukon and Yukon XL which are the full line of Sierra pickups are the blend of novelty and engineering brilliance.

Active Fuel Management has a prominent role behind the success of GMC Sierra pickups and Yukon SUVs because it enables the V8 engine to function just like four-cylinder engine. AFM changes from partial cylinder use to full cylinder use when the vehicle climbs over a hill and it changes from full cylinder use to partial cylinder use when the vehicle moves over highway. Growth of current electronic engine management systems as well as sequential fuel injection gave rise to the AFM. AFM also provide the enhanced MPG value for the vehicles. Jordan Lee, global chief engineer and program manager for small block engines said, “Active Fuel Management offers Sierra and Yukon owners the best of both worlds – all the capability expected of a full-size truck or SUV with better fuel economy.”

Engineers have employed the capacity of the complicated two-mode system to offer electric drive assist at highway speeds on the GMC Sierra and Yukon Hybrid in order to keep the V8 in four-cylinder mode for long period of time.  Usually a standard pickup or SUV might move back to eight-cylinder mode when it climbs over a hill but hybrids employ their electric motors to continue speed and keep four cylinders off-ramp in order to help the trucks to attain EPA value of 20 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.

2011 GMC Sierra XFE is equipped with AFM and it is the most fuel efficient with MPG value of 15 in the city and 22 on the highway. GMC has employed AFM on many Chevrolet pickups, Chevrolet and Cadillac SUVs, Sierra and Yukon.

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