• July 21, 2009

Acura Coming with its Next Issue

Car ZDXThe Acura has come up with its future release photos. The car ZDX is about to be released in 2010 and the photos are already making waves, splashing through the market. It is a unique model that is about to be released in 2010 with its beautiful features and modern looks.

This vehicle has been pitched to be one of the pivotal points in the making and crafting of Acura’s car technology. There is the very attractive option of “four-door sports coupe” that bears the 3.7 liter V6 engine. There are also the 300 hp and the 270 lb feet of torque that is being talked about much. The paddle shifters are also being said to be an important aspect of the car’s facilities.

The car provides a panoramic view from its roof to the window flares.


It is a true beauty to reckon with. The several spy shots reveal the car in special angles to express its beauty.

Source: autoweek

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