• October 5, 2009

Acura with Their Latest September Results

Acura TSXThe latest powerful new V-6 engine from Acura has gathered lots of praise from the media along with high quality flexible results. The TSX Acura’s highest selling Sedan has now been unleashed with TSX’s top features that most monthly sales.

This has of course acquired 2,103 units with 5.8% sales coming down through September. The TSX monthly sales reports points out higher units of sales coming  through 7,259 units with about 30.3% coming down on a year to year basis. But the new sales rates seem to have risen higher with peak performance coming in from its luxury sedan. It has been the next best selling Acura sedan for September 2009.

There have been 2,220 units being sold through this turbocharged RDX crossover SUVs. There have been overall 752 units being sold altogether. The high resolution photos from Acura vehicles have brought about greater customer awareness and information. The selling rates have increased since last one year thanks to the great quality that is being delivered through the fresh, new Acura model.

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