• August 1, 2015

The all-new Volkswagen California under the spotlight

The all-new Volkswagen California camper van is almost here, with the order books for the commercial vehicle opening on Monday the 3rd of August.

In anticipation of the release, here’s a look at why you should consider investing in the vehicle — especially if you’re a fan of exploring the great outdoors.

It’s an economically friendly camper van

Volkswagen has opted to fit every one of its next-generation Volkswagen California camper vans with 2.0-litre TDI diesel engines, which have the added benefit of being Euro-6 emissions compliant.

This means that you are assured a drive which is economically friendly every time you get behind the wheel, and also keeps CO2 emissions considerably low.

It offers drivers plenty of power

The all-new California’s diesel engines offer three outputs — 100bhp, 148bhp and 201bhp. It is the latter figure that stands out the most, due to the fact that this represents the most powerful engine that Volkswagen has ever designed across its huge and celebrated van range.

It comes in two appealing guises

Head to a dealership to purchase a next-generation Volkswagen California and you will have the choice to select either the Beach or the Ocean model of the camper van.

The California Beach is the entry-level model and will be priced between £37,657 and £41,515 depending on the engine selected. This particular vehicle comes complete with a furniture set in the cabin which can quickly and easily be converted into a comfortable and sizeable bed. Look out for the pop-up elevating roof too.

For something with a higher spec, the California Ocean sees a full kitchen and 42-litre fridge being installed into the camper van’s interior. On top of this, you are presented with an automatically elevating roof this time. The Ocean model is priced from £47,840 up to £54,975.

Looking to bring your costs down? Inchcape Volkswagen currently has an offer available on the California whereby you pay £349 a month plus VAT for the camper van, not to mention receiving both an interim service and a full service free of charge. Find out more here.

It’s packed with useful technology

No matter if you select the Beach or Ocean version of the all-new Volkswagen California, your camper van will be delivered with a wide variety of driver-friendly technology.

There’s the Driver Alert System for one, which recommends drivers take a break if it begins to detect common behaviour linked to someone being tired. Then there’s Brake Assist, which gives you even more control when bringing the vehicle to a halt, as well as a Post-Collision Braking System which works to reduce the issues caused in the event of a road accident.

In short, Volkswagen aims to keep you safe whenever you get behind the wheel of its next-generation California camper van.

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