• August 7, 2009

America’s Best-Loved Cars

Best-Loved Cars

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The latest review from J.D. Power’s survey reveal some of the best loved cars of the States. The results usually come with some certain surprises. The list is full of cars from Chrysler and Hyundai. There have been some surveys which haven’t been showing Chrysler high on the list lately. But here is a way of certain changes coming along.

The Dodge Challenger is a new addition to this list as it had been absent from most lists in the recent past. The overall earning of these scores have been high with the posting and one year improvement of any car brand going high. Mid priced and mid sized cars like BMW and Jaguar have also been doing great on the list.

The recent market research suggests that the new car buyers are just about 90% happy with their cars The Power Appeal Performance test really revealed the test on these following levels. There have been Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout to measure out the new performance value of cars. The study overall depended on the evaluation of the owner’s choices.

Sub-compact cars like the Scion xD and Honda Fit came to be on prominent favorites’ list in this category. The ForTwo was the first one to top this list. Its tiny size and great economic appeal came to be some of the driving features to have propelled it to be so popular among most American. Car users seem to be greatly happy with the experience reaped out of it. The ForTwo rides like a breeze through congested city streets.

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It is also a comparatively roomier car than the other two in this category. It delivers a great choice for many people. However some citizens would not find this to be practical enough. The automotive research reveals it to be buyer friendly to a high degree.

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The Mini Cooper ranges like Volkswagen Jetta and Mitsubishi Lancer are very popular in America among car owners. There is always a strong emotional attachment by users towards cars like Mini Cooper. Such attractions certainly apply to the Mini’s strange degree of quirkiness. The Mini’s engineering is precisely neat and presented in a great fashion. There is interior speedometer that makes it even more helpful. Engineers at BMW also give the Mini greatly responsive and eye-catching design.

Usually owners find these Coopers easy to drive and they bring a lot of fun.

Among the compact sporty cars the Volkswagen GTI seems to be one of the most popular ones.

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The GTI scores above average in terms of popularity. They give sport tuned performances and give a higher version of Golf economy car from the Volkswagen range. There are Japanese compacts like the Honda Civic Si and Honda Civic which also helps to make a difference in this section.

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There is great pleasure in driving cars such as these. They also have great interior quality.

Among compact luxury sports cars the Mercedes Benz SLK class happens to be one of the choicest ones. They are really sleek and have an arrow nosed look. The Mercedes’ SL range cars are all fun to drive and are very comforting as well. They have optional air scarf designs that are warm over the occupant’s head. This makes it easier for more top-down driving. It also makes driving fun and easy on cold days. SLK scores particularly great because of their high quality feel.

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The new entry cars are totally topped by Volkswagen CC, Cadillac CTS and Audi A4/5. The Volkswagen however bears a dramatic quality to it. This makes it totally appealing. It has a sweeping contrast that is high quality and hard to overlook.

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