• March 5, 2010

American Honda with Their New Announcement

American Honda has announced their $35,000 WERA National Challenge Superbike Championship bonus with the new contingency in 2010 to grow. This program would include the bonus to any Honda CBR mounted rider who wins the WERA National Challenge Superbike Series.

Photo by pat_ernzen

This championship would bring additional bonus along with lucrative payout scheme. This has been announced last month along with other eligible models to be a part of this annual plan. There is also the inclusion of the 2008 and the very fresh CBR1000RRs Honda model. The Honda Red Rider Reward goes through contingency rules as applicable and this makes it possible to download the 2010 contingency as well.

There are more details available to the eligibility and participation rules, according to the new scheme. Visit HondaRedRiders.com to get the free download contingency to claim for the greater specifications in regards to the application and eligibility criteria.

American Honda Motor Co. Inc. is the very sole distributor of the Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs as well as personal watercraft in the US American Honda’s Motorcycle Division. There have been several sales, marketing and operational activities being conducted through these products along with the authorized Honda dealership.

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