• May 3, 2010

American Honda with Their Support for the Green Music Challenge

American Honda is now going to support the Green Music Challenge. This is a traditional call for the American Honda. The Honda Insight hybrid would also be awarded to the Grand Prize in the photo challenge. This is going to be a completely web based photo competition.

Photo by Justin Kane

Honda would be joining the Green Music Group along with the prizes to be sponsored with the initial Green Music Group Challenge round. This sponsorship would bring new insights in the way Honda would be giving the 2010 Grand Prize for the winner after the 18 week web-based contest. The Honda Insight hybrid is one coveted prize that would go to the winner after this ecology centered contest. Honda has always worked onto support environmental initiatives and activities, maintaining a high decorum of environmental consciousness and growth in their business deals. There are many ways through which this initiative is going to raise further awareness for people.

The Green Music Group Challenge is thus going to be an opening door for many to participate in their own ways to make for environmental growth and the arousal of awareness. This will also encourage music fans to come across and make small changes in their own ways. There are going to be massive compacts made to the environment that will start showing up as altering changes overall. The national advertising has already got a huge response from the crowd.

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