• February 26, 2009

AMG E-class Gets Spied

amg_e_classWe have already seen the high-end redesigned E-class sedan and coupe from Mercedes-Benz and the high-performance version of AMG will be the next shoe to drop.

There various models have been seen many times on challenging Nurburgring track of Germany as well on streets.

It is being expected that the AMG E-class which is also called the E63 will house a 6.3-liter V8 engine to get its 525hp.

The thing that wouldn’t be continued is SBC or its brake by wire system and the new E63 has typical brakes with the capabilities of disc-wiping and chosen selective brake corner control.

But you shouldn’t be surprised to find ceramic brake discs that have been introduced in the new AMG.

We can expect that we will be able to see this ultra E-class at the Frankfurt motor show some time in September.

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