• April 30, 2012

Animal Welfare

In recent years there has been an increased importance and awareness of animal rights and welfare. There have been numerous animal and environmental bodies or charities that have fought for an improved treatment of animals in all aspects of their lives such as living standards and various other rights. This particularly has had an effect on the agricultural rules and regulations concerning the transport of livestock.

Livestock transportation is an aspect of farming that has received much attention in animal rights and welfare campaigns, especially long distance transportation. The main issue that comes up concerns the conditions within the livestock trailers; with poor ventilation and lack of space often being cited as the most prolific problems. This has caused a change in EU regulations concerning livestock transportation, meaning it is vital that your animal trailers adhere to these laws so as to avoid animal suffering and law penalties. There are a number of new livestock trailers and second hand trailers available on the market that cater for specific animals.

Transporting large, heavy animals such as cows can be a difficult process, not only in the loading and unloading but also in the physical space they require. There are a number of cattle trailers on the market that are specifically designed for these purposes. They provide a spacious area in height, width and depth, whilst having an extra strong axis to help support the heavy weight.

A whole other issue comes about when attempting to transport smaller livestock such as sheep, which often require moving a large portion of a herd at one time. This makes the loading process difficult, which is why many sheep trailers include an easy load ramp with side gates. This makes loading a large number of sheep a much easier task, as it comfortably channels them up a safe ramp and into the trailer.

This is a similar case with pig trailers, which also caters for the transportation of a number of pigs at any one time. These trailers, like the cattle and sheep trailers include a strong lockable coupling head onto the tow bar which helps ensure safety when pulling a large amount of weight. By using a high quality trailer you are ensuring an animal friendly transportation process while adhering to EU regulations. This relieves stress on your livestock thus improving the quality of their produce in the long term.

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