• February 2, 2013

Apple’s Siri Eyes Free Function Coming Soon on Honda and Acura Vehicles

Apple won great praise of people with the launch of “Siri” in its hot selling iPhones and now success of this feature has induced automobile manufacturers to integrate this great feature in renowned vehicles. Assistant Vice President of American Honda Automobile Product Planning, Vicki Poponi said, “iPhone has become so integral to people’s lives that they continue to use them in their vehicles.

Offering Honda and Acura owners Siri and its Eyes Free mode via Bluetooth is an incredible opportunity to provide next-generation connectivity and meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.”

Now you will enjoy voice based function in your favorite Honda vehicles. Siri will be available in the following vehicles;

Honda has also planned to integrate this function with iPhone series that are based on iOS 6,this function and its innovative and convenient features will let users to enjoy iPhone applications safely on the road without any lose of attention during drive. Honda always takes care of its customers and this recent decision of Siri integration has proved that it is serious to introduce fool proof security and safety system in vehicles.

To cope up with this change, Honda has modified its software so that users can enjoy Siri Eyes Free Bluetooth Mode in their latest, favorite and selected Honda Vehicles.

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