• February 4, 2009

Audi Q5 Premium Hybrid to Arrive in 2010

audi_q5_hybrid_25Audi is planning to introduce a hybrid model of its well-known premium Q5 SUV in the United States in 2010.

If this hybrid model succeeds in the US, according to Audi, it will also be released in Europe and some other parts of the world as well.

Wolfgang Hatz, who is powertain development head at Volkswagan group, says that it is quite essential for Audi to introduce some hybrid version, as many rival companies are already offering the technology.

The BMW X6 and the Lexus RX 400h are two vehicles that will be offered in hybrid versions. Similarly, Mercedes-Benz is also planning to launch its S400 hybrid version this year.


However, Hatz still believe the greatest prospective still lies in diesel vehicles.


According to Hatz, “if you consider what you will spend to have hybrid advantages or on some other technology like diesel, you will find that diesel vehicles a lot more cost effective.


We are doing hybrids to make people know that we also have the ability to do this.

“In developing a hybrid powertrain, the cost is three to four times higher than the standard drivetrain.


We will have to spend a lot on the initial technology right now that we can spread in other models later on.”


Audi was considering offering its hybrid vehicle in its Q7 premium SUV model, but according to Hatz, the Q5 has appeared the best candidate for it.

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