• September 7, 2009

Audi Q5 to Assemble in India

Audi Q5The Audi Q5 series is to come over here in India next year. So far it has made some amazing sales in India. The Audi German brand started selling their A4 and A6 from the Aurangabad facility and they had some remarkable reports to go with that. Their ventures had egged them forward with the 2010 release where the sales are being expected to rise up by 70%. The Q5 SUV in India will be coming by March next with a rather lowered price tag.

The annual capacity of Audi Q5 will be holding about 500 per year. Managing Director of Audi India, Benoit Tiers, has shown high expectancy with the new Audi release. They are hoping to sell 1,700 to 1,800 in the next year. That would be about 70% higher than what they have made in terms of sales in 2009 so far. Audi India has always made records sales from year to year.

 sCredit: flickr

In 2008 itself, Audi had increased sales by about 200%. In 2009 Audi had successfully reached higher records in sales impressing the huge German company with the wide spread response it had had in urban India. It demonstrates growth and acceptance from customers and creates further evolution in its marketing ways from year to year.

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