• August 7, 2009

Audi SUV Gets Efficient Engine

Audi SUV

 sCredit: leftlanenews

The Audi Q7 SUV got a unique and efficient engine that is going to start off a new lease of life for itself. The Autoweek Magazine of last part revealed a great review about this new release of the luxury-SUV. Watching this car glide by would seem like the BMW or Mercedes Benz is creating a dashing headway to take initiative with the most popular US built X5 and M class.

Since the launch there has been a Q7 release in 2006. The Audi then went on to make quite a great impression with its followers. The mechanicals it shared with Porsche were really a great positive point for it. The Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Tourag came to be one of the most important sales cars of all times with their sales pitching up to 230,000 across the world. This astounding rate goes on to show how beautiful and eclectic this car has come across to people.

The global credit crunch could not stop the Audi from coming with a wonderful face lift. There have been great introductions for it with the claimed offer as well as the charged units with all the claims for new and frugal choices being made by the public. However, the 3.0 liter V6 diesel seems to be one of the most effective and efficient things that this economy have released so far in terms of a car. There is great value being offered through this way with the choicest works from BMW’s X5xDrive 35d as well as ML350 CDI Bluetec coming from Mercedes.

 sCredit: leftlanenews

The exterior has been made really very attractive with the high tech innovation for improved last long ranging illumination. The makeovers to the Q7 include a big grille, LED graphics as well as other subtle changes that make it look even bolder.

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The internal changes are however not as much with choices of seating arrangements that are coming to be new. There are multimedia controller interfaces and some instrument changes that can take place in some good way. The German carmaker’s flagship S8 sedan has also been up to a high level and quality that comes with comparable trunk capacity if you make the choice. There are choices between a 7 seat lay out and a 5 seat arrangement.

The engine in the Q7 3.6 FSI is a 3.6 liter one with V6 and 280 hp with 266 lb feet of torque working for it.

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