• February 3, 2009

Audi Uses Teaser To Get Attraction In Super Bowl Ad

2008-abt-audiAudi released a teaser on Friday showing a four- decade action scene in a 60 second Super Bowl advertisement.

Actor Jason Statham has been casted in the advertisement, famous for his movie ‘The Job’ and series ‘Transporter’.

It is a complete teaser action pack which features a BMW giving disgusting results to the driver who is on the run. He is shown jumping out of the old rival of Audi and the car still pacing up and eventually flying and hitting a billboard captioned as ‘The Mousse is Loose’.

A Mercedes is also shown in the ad hit by a Lincoln. A Cadillac also features the advertisement.

The said commercial has undoubtedly been made in an unethical manner. Whereas Audi’s chief marketing officer, Scott Keogh says, “It has drama, it has action and it tells a really great story,”


About shooting an advertisement, Statham says, “It’s very different to making a movie”, “The reactions have to be so quick. It all has to be compressed and condensed and things happen in a tenth of the time.”

This commercial has been shot to gain more attention from the market. Audi has already showed up good profit ratios even in times when other automotives are facing slump.

It is one of the 3 companies that will be showing up in Super Bowl. Others are Toyota and Hyundai.

Super Bowl; National Football League, is known for a high profile advertisement and costs $3 million for a 30 seconds commercial.

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