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A Guide to Purchasing GAP Insurance
0 comments, 28/08/2018, by in Tips and Guides

Many motorists assume that their comprehensive motor insurance policy will cover the original price of their vehicle if it were to be written off, but this is not the case. A comprehensive insurance policy will only pay the current market value of the vehicle which could be thousands of pounds less.... Read more...

BMW of Newton, Service Worthy of the BMW Name
0 comments, 23/05/2018, by in BMW

When you hear the name BMW one thing comes to mind, one of the best cars in the world. BMW means cars designed and built with the finest in quality craftsmanship. From the 3 Series to the X5s and X6s, BMWs still register as the finest luxury vehicles on the planet. Since 1916 BMW has meant quality, ... Read more...

What You Need To Know Before Rent A Car
0 comments, 02/05/2018, by in Tips and Guides

Going on vacation is supposed to give us time to dedicate to ourselves. The purpose of a vacation is to unwind and to reduce the amount of stress in our lives. Yet there is often a period before we have our holiday all booked and arranged when we are in the process of making sure we have everything ... Read more...