• February 29, 2012

Best Budget Friendly Wagons

Most of the families in USA prefer Wagons especially those who can’t afford luxury vehicles because wagon is cheaper than SUVs and other crossovers and deliver all the benefits of big vehicle. Wagons are also preferred by families because cargo space and passenger space offered by theses wagons is comparably equal to SUVs and Crossovers. A part from this, there is also a general believe that wagons deliver better fuel economy and best suits the need of middle class families.

Wagons are of different kinds, if you belong to a big family and looking for some affordable vehicle the following list of “Best Budget Friendly Vehicle” can help you to choose one for you and your family.

1. Compact Wagons

Compact Wagon best suits you if you have less than US $20,000 and looking for wagon with cargo space of 48 cubic feet or 67 cubic feet, compact wagons also offers space of 30 cubic feet behind the rear seat. Some of compact wagons are powered by 4-cylinder engine and easily accommodate 5 passengers.

Some of the Compact Wagons are…

Compact wagons also offer best-in-class features to user like air conditioner, front seats (adjustable), stereo with auxiliary input jack. On the other side, Hyundai Elantra Touring and Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen are among the wagons with best luxury features i.e. cruise control, power windows, Bluetooth connectivity, power windows, navigation system and iPod integration.

2. Luxury Wagons

Most of the luxury wagons are available in price range of US $35,000-$50,000, Audi A6 and BMW 328i Sports which also comes in category of compact vehicles. All the luxury wagons are powered by strong and truly performance oriented engine i.e. 6-cylinder engine.

Some of the Luxury Wagons are….

Most of the wagons offered by Audi, BMW and Acura offers cargo space of 70 cubic feet and 17 cubic feet just behind the rear seat. Such luxury vehicles are equipped with high class interior and standard features include; iPod integration, Bluetooth, dual-zone climate control. Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Cadillac CTS Sports Wagon are examples of high tech luxury wagons.

3. Full Size Wagons

Full size wagons are available in price range of US $23,000-$30,000.

Some of Full Size Wagons are…

Subaru Outback is among the full size wagons which are quite cheap, its price is just US $23,000 and it offers cargo space of 71.3 cubic feet. Power windows, cruise control, stereo (auxiliary input jack) are standard interior features. Honda Accord Crosstour is another example of full size wagon, its starting MSRP is US$30,000 and it presents cargo space of 51.3 cubic feet and its standard interior features include; moon roof, power seats, dual zone climate control and remote entry.

By going through the above mentioned categories of budget friendly wagons, hopefully you will be able to judge which wagon can serve your needs in an enhanced way.

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