• April 26, 2016

Honda: The Must-Buy Car Brand For 2016?

Honda: The Must-Buy Car Brand For 2016?

Honda is a Japanese car brand with a long and rich history. They are also a brand associated with motorcycles and planes, believe it or not! Honda cars are a familiar sight in almost all countries on the planet. The brand tends to build premium vehicles like hatchbacks, saloons, tourers and SUVs.

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If you’re thinking of buying a car soon, you might be wondering which brand is best for you. Some motoring purists will tell you that Honda has lost their way over the past few years. But, the brand has reinvented itself and won back many of those that bought other marques.

So, is Honda going to be the best car brand for 2016? There are few reasons for that not to be the case. Here’s why:

They are reliable:

Many people will tell you that Japanese cars are a good buy because they seldom break down. That is certainly true of today’s Honda models.

Honda has heavily invested in the research and development of their engines. As a result, expensive repairs are something that owners of Honda cars don’t usually have to face.

They offer fresh styling:

There is a vast gap in the market for an alternative yet attractive form of car styling. Many people feel disillusioned with how most cars look similar these days. Honda’s cars offer a different approach to vehicle styling.

Their designs feature a lot of boxy, chunky styling. There is also something distinctly Japanese about the design of their latest models. If you take a look at any new Honda, you will see just what I mean!

Their high-performance models will make your mouth water:

Honda is a car brand often associated with premium vehicles. But, that doesn’t stop the car maker from building high-performance models. Take, for example, the latest Honda Civic Type R hatchback.

Detroit-NAIAS-2015-2016-Acura-NSXImage by wikipedia

Boasting 306 brake horsepower, the car comes with a 2.0-litre turbocharged i-VTEC engine. It’s also mated to a six-speed manual transmission. That’s something seldom done by car makers these days, as many opt for dual clutch automatics.

There is also the new Honda NSX. The sports car boasts a 3.5-litre twin turbo V6 power plant. With 500 bhp as standard, this car is no slouch!

They have an abundance of technology:

Today’s car drivers all love the fact their vehicles come with gadgets! For example, touchscreen displays with satellite navigation built into them. Bluetooth handsfree calling and media streaming is another popular feature. They are just two examples of standard items you’ll find in today’s Honda cars.

You’ll also find all manner of safety technology as well. Auto-sensing lights and wipers are one such example. As are a functional vehicle stability system. Many motorists assume that only Volvo cars are the epitome of vehicle safety. Clearly, those same people never drove or owned a Honda car before!

The above is just a short selection of the many reasons more of us are buying Hondas. There’s no doubt that 2016 will be the Japanese car maker’s year!

Image by wikipedia

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