• June 12, 2015

The 6 Best Family Cars On The Market

The 6 Best Family Cars On The Market

The family car is a tricky one to get right. Every family is different, and each of us have our unique set of criteria. In general, we’re looking for cars with great fuel efficiency. We’re looking for safety, practicality and plenty of space for a growing family. We’re after vehicles with a reputation for reliability and that will adapt to motorway and city driving effortlessly.

Not too much to ask then?

Finding the perfect family car is no easy task. So, we’ve pulled together some of the very best in a range of shapes and sizes.

1. Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

The C4 is, quite simply, the best MPV (or people carrier) on the road. Both critics and customers voted it the best in class in 2013 and 2014. It still holds up in 2015 with a new upgrade on the horizon. Citroens are notorious when it comes to delivering fantastic city vehicles. After all, they are developed in the winding streets of France. The Picasso will produce a phenomenal 74mpg; outstanding for such a large car. It is spacious and practical with folding rear seats. Despite all this, it’s still surprisingly fun to drive. An all-around winner, we think you’ll agree.

2. Ford Fiesta

You can’t go wrong with Britain’s favourite hatchback. For the smaller families, the Fiesta is second-to-none. The UK’s best-selling car (repeatedly) is economical, practical and it’ll run nearly 100,000 miles without a hiccup. Upgrade to the new ST model and it’s ferociously fun to drive to. Trust us, it’ll keep everyone happy.

3. Nissan Qashqai

We couldn’t form a list of family cars without the ubiquitous SUV. What was once an off-road vehicle, the 4×4 has now become commonplace on the school run. The best of the best is the Nissan Qashqai. It’s the perfect balance of size, economy and practicality. It’s no Land Rover Defender, but it will still hold it’s own off road too.

4. Skoda Octavia

Skoda have broken free from its poor reputation with a series of excellent recent models. The Octavia is one of the finest and a brilliant alternative to BMW and Audi saloons. It’s affordable to buy, cheap to run and a pleasure to drive. Its fuel economy is fantastic, especially out on the motorway and there’s plenty of room in the back.

5. Mazda 3

For some car lovers, buying a family car is a kick in the stomach. They don’t want to settle down with a sensible Volvo. They want something with a bit more style and power. If that sounds like you, check out the Mazda 3. It’s a beautiful saloon car with the soul of a roadster. It’s practical and fuel efficient. But, if you push the throttle, you’ll still find some thrills!

6. Volkswagen Golf

We’ll finish our list with another small car. The Golf is perfect for a new family just starting out. It’s simple and will hold its own on motorways and around town. Not only that, but it’s probably the most fun car to drive on this list.

There you have it, folks! You’re spoilt for choice in this category. Follow our advice and you’ll find the perfect family car for you.

Image by  Kārlis Dambrāns

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