• April 8, 2013

Better Drivers Exercise Better Habits

Better Drivers Exercise Better Habits

Better-Drivers-ExerciseWe tend to think of only changing bad habits that affect our bodies. From overeating to smoking or drinking, people realize that these tendencies will eventually cost them serious amounts of money and cause their health to decline. However, few people consider their bad driving habits as something that needs to be changed as well. These habits can cost just as much money, affecting everything from the life of their vehicle to the expense of their car insurance coverage. Insurance companies are acutely aware of these facts. When attaining car insurance quotes, the kind of driving that you normally do is one the primary questions that will determine the cost of coverage. The following common habits are ones that drivers should take under consideration the next time they get behind the wheel.

Running the car around town on the fumes of gasoline is an extremely common habit. We all want to stretch the dollars devoted to fuel as far as they will go. Unfortunately, the pride we feel from squeezing in one last trip to the market before filling up will take its toll on the vehicle over time. The bottom of your gas tank is full of sediment from the gasoline. This sediment mixes with the gas at the bottom of the tank, causing it to become dirty and somewhat contaminated. When the vehicle uses this gas, the sediment is transferred from the bottom of the tank into the fuel line. Over time, the sediment builds up in the line where it will eventually cause a blockage. It is also possible for this sediment to make its way into the engine.

Hard stops and quick starts are the other most common bad habits that drivers tend to display. Flooring the gas pedal off the line from traffic lights and speeding up to get to stop signs is a needless use of gas. This kind of driving can be hard to avoid when living in larger cities, but it certainly should be in the forefront of a driver’s mind. The engine also experiences the strain. The hard braking that we often do prematurely wears out the brake system. It is wise to try to anticipate stops in order to slow down. People driving manual transmission vehicles may also wish to down shift instead of relying completely on their brakes.

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