• February 12, 2010

Bigger Fuel Saving offer by Toyota Hybrid Camry

Hybrid Camry

Toyota Hybrid Camry, the new invention has been introduced in the market. It’s a great honor for Australian people that the best ever technology car has been built in Australia.

Photo by ford302_91

The best part of this Hybrid technology is fuel consumption will be reduced a lot. And also It is environmental friendly.

Just imagine if someone is driving at approximately 20000 km a year then he will now save around 560 liters on the Hybrid Camry o r14 weekly. If we consider a petrol price at $1.3 a liter, it also reduces Tailpipe Co2 emissions by almost 1.3 tons a year. If we calculate the rough figure of savings in fuel bills.

Toyota can expect large number of buyers. In one fuel tank hybrid Camry can travel upto 300 km.

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