• March 29, 2009

Black Is Evil! Don’t Let It In; Black Cars May Be Banned in California

black_car_2We have gathered from sources that black cars may be banned in California. The California legislature has the matter under consideration that the color of cars and the reflection of paint must be regulated in order to diminish energy needs to lower a car’s temperature. The California Air Resources Board made proposal legislation.

The main issue is not the color as such, rather the reflection which the color gives. With all the dark colors, the issue remains the same; they don’t give a better reflection. So, all the black colors are on the list to rest. Jet black tops the list of dark colors to be banned.

It is a commonly known matter that a hot car needs to run a few miles to cool down with the windows opened; it doesn’t cool down at an instance. This method even is the least power consuming, as the air conditioner is not used to diminish the hot atmosphere.


Till 2012, anyone who likes black cars can have them, after that it will become a cliché, as the legislation will be synchronized in the start of 2012.

For those who admire themselves for buying a black car like Toyota Pious must start thinking whether they have made a right choice regarding the heat, and power consumption issue to cool down the car or not.


No matter how this color issue goes, black is a color that brings grace to a car and a lot of people are drawn towards black cars instead of other colors.

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