• February 28, 2012

BMW Concept M135i will be Showcased in 2012 Geneva International Auto Show

Car lovers are desperately waiting for big surprises from leading automakers which will be unveiled in 2012 Geneva International Auto Show that is going to take place from 6-7March 2012. Like other eminent names of automobile industry BMW has also finalized outclass vehicles that will be showcased in this International Auto Show.

BMW Concept M135i

If you are a true lover of BMW cars, keep your fingers crossed for 2012 Geneva Auto Show. BLW Concept M135i that features 6-cylinder petrol engine will be unveiled in this upcoming auto show. Twin power Turbo Technology of its engine makes it extremely powerful as well as performance centered and produce horsepower of 300hp. Engineers tried their level best to make it extremely youthful and stylish sports car and their efforts will be revealed soon. BMW M Performance vehicles are known for styling and sporty features and same concept with enhancement is added in this 3-door upcoming concept model.

People love sports cars more or less due to refined, bold and stylish looks; if you are expecting same from M135i you will not be disappointed because its exterior is simply superb. High quality features and material has been used in exterior that will make it attractive looking while complementing the performance of its powerful engine.

Wide doors and front apron are the best parts of its sporty exterior. BMW Concept M135i will appear on the very first day of 2012 Geneva Auto Show (6th March 2012) and on the second day (7th March) you will see it on BMW Stand.

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