• November 28, 2014

BMW Eyes on Unveiling i8S in 2016

BMW Eyes on Unveiling i8S in 2016

BMW is making sure that they do wait and pause at the recent accolades that they have received for the BMW i8 that also won the Autoblog Technology of the Year Award. Hence, to make it even better and to raise the stakes the German automaker has decided to work on the next generation BMW i8S that will be stiffer and more powerful than the current version. The automaker also said that the car will be unveiled in 2016 to celebrate the marque’s centenary. BMW also said that they have not yet finalized on which engine they would choose for the next generation vehicle.

The new project will be called Project M100 and that it will be a birthday gift to BMW. It will also be the right departure for the current chairman Norbert Reithofer who will retire in couple of years. BMW also mentioned that they will rework on the body to ensure better daylight and integrate the carbon fiber and aluminum chassis in a better way. The new version will also have larger luggage area with the omission of seats. The new car will probably make use of either 2.0 liter or 3.0 liter twin turbo four cylinder or six cylinder engine along with an electric motor.

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