• October 31, 2009

BMW Group Establishment

Carbon Fibres and Textile Semi-finished Products

BMW Group establishment have joined ventures with SGL Group in order to bring about a co-operation with the manufacturing process of carbon fibers through their new vehicle concepts.

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This is about their agreement with the new establishment of the joint venture with the production of carbon fibers along with textiles of semi furnished products. This is about CFRP vehicle production that creates a healthier atmosphere.

The BMW and SGL Group have been coming on an agreement with some of the greatest joint ventures to bring about carbon fibres and even textile semi-finished products. The overall investment has been in the higher volume of 90 million Euros coming out within the very initial developmental phase. The facts have been stated through the company on their initial intentional phases. The fresh, new joint venture has been all about the two companies with a North American client oriented goal.

The Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC has been joining with the German strand of SGL Automobile Fibers GmbH & Co KG with some of the highest shares coming to be held with the BMW Group. This is all about 49% of the share along with the SGL Group along with its 51% shares.


  • How will this affect price?

  • Who knows weather these be used in making strong vehicles or make them cheaper?

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