• April 13, 2011

BMW has Hired Frank Weber of General Motors

This is the era of strategic war; small firms as well as multinational companies work out to beat their competitors and try to dominate others with the help of expertise, in order to create an edge over rivals. Automotive industry is that industry where level of competition is bit high as compare to other industries; automobile companies introduce vehicles with brilliant features by using the state-of-the-art technology to attract maximum number of customers.

BMW is working on the same lines; it has hired the Frank Weber who was the former head of product planning at General Motors (Opal Unit). Spokesperson of BMW has confirmed this news and said that Weber will be appointed as Head of Vehicle Architecture and Integration. Responsibilities of Weber will include; “Efficient Dynamic Fuel Saving Program” of BMW, Vehicles architectures, and design of safety and assistance system for the drivers.

According to BMW Spokesperson, Weber working date has not decided yet and negotiations are still ongoing with Opel. Weber has expertise regarding the plug-in hybrid and he was the Head engineer for Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. BMW has planned to launch electric cars and plug-in hybrid in near future and Weber could make it possible with his expertise.

BMW is intelligently designing its strategies to beat the rivals and doing hard work to build strong competitive edge. Recent move of BMW is evident of its fierce competitive plans.

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