• April 2, 2012

BMW i8 Concept Spyder-A Review

BMW always revolutionizes its vehicle with most up-to-date technological features, as a matter of fact concept vehicles of this world known automobile company are famous for best built and extraordinary design. This time BMW is making i8 Concept Spyder under the hood of BMW i which is its famous sub-brand, BMW Concept vehicles better cater varying needs of customers and offers them to drive with a difference.

BMW i8 Concept Spyder is based on a smart lightweight design and high-tech hybrid technology, engineers tried their best to make it fuel-efficient car. Following are some noteworthy features of i8 Concept Spyder;

  • Windowless Doors
  • LifeDrive Architecture
  • Upward-Swiveling


This super concept plug-in hybrid vehicle is equipped with by eDrive Powertrain that combines petrol combustion engine and electric motor. Don’t worry about charging its electric motor, lithium-ion battery pack can be charged easily through any home based socket. Emission level is minimized to represent this concept vehicle as eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicle.


Wheelbase of i8 Concept Spyder is comparatively short so it’s on the whole length, as mentioned earlier its windowless doors and upward swiveling makes it exterior appealing and eye-catching. Open-top is a stylish way to enjoy the ride of this sporty concept car. Special attention has been given to its front end, headlights are based on laser light technology and half-transparent “V” stretches out from the front end of the bonnet.


The interior of this concept car is extremely sporty and stylish just like the exterior, BMW has used exclusive material in interior and employed high quality steel, leather and plastic while composing inner stuff. In short you can say that BMW i8 Concept Hybrid is a complete concept car which is especially designed to meet your requirements and expectations from a trendy concept car.

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