• September 4, 2012

BMW is going to Introduce New and Improved Models

BMW is busy in planning surprises for its fans who always keep on waiting for super cars with sporty and versatile features.

Here is the glimpse of the changes that will be introduced in existing models;

  • BMW 1 Series will be introduced with BMW xDrive (Intelligent 4-drive System).
  • BMW 114d will be introduced for the very first time.
  • The petrol based model will be added to existing line of BMW 320, moreover BMW has also included some enhanced technology features in this model in order to offer extra comfort, convenience in a fuel economical and eco-friendly car.
  • BMW 3-Series Touring is one of the outclass models that is admired by the majority of car lovers, for ease of drivers navigation system is added as an optional feature. Choice of Petrol and Diesel engine is included for BMW 3-Series Touring.

Enhancements for BMW 1 Series

Now you can drive BMW 1 Series will full confidence, its new feature BMW xDrive will let you enjoy maximum traction and add more sporty performance on the road. You can even drive it will full control in rough weather because Front and Rear Wheels works best on the roads due to electronically controlled power distribution. This power distribution will let the driver to enjoy smooth driving on rough roads and also provides convenience while going through turns and curves. This feature is added for 3-doors and 5-doors model of the BMW 1 Series.

BMW 114d-New Addition to BMW Family

BMW 114d will be launched as a new member of BMW Family, this new model is expected to be fuelled economical and eco-friendly. It is powered by 1.6L 4-cylinder engine, Twin Power Turbo Technology has reduced its fuel consumption and its estimated fuel consumption for 100Km is 4.1-4.3 liters. You will be able to accelerate it from 0-100Km/Hr in just 12 seconds and it offers a top speed of 185Km/Hr.

Salient Features

  • BMW EfficientDynamics Technology is available as a standard feature.
  • Auto Start/Stop Function
  • Shift Point Indicator
  • Electronic Power Steering

BMW 320i EfficientDynamics Edition Sedan

BMW 320i EfficientDynamics Edition Sedan will be available soon, it is anticipated that EfficienctDynamics will represent it a fuel economical model with exceptional values. This EfficientDynamics Edition of BMW 3 Series is equipped with 1.4L 4-cylinder combustion engine, its Twin Power Turbo Technology makes it performance oriented.  In just 7.6 seconds, you can accelerate it from 0-100Km/Hr. For every 100Km its fuel consumption is 5.3L and a CO2 emission level is 124gm/Km.

BMW 316i Sedan-New Member of BMW 3 Series Sedan

BMW 316i Sedan has been designed to offer you enjoyable driving experience, this new addition in the BMW 3 Series is powered by 1.6L 4-cylinder engine that features TwinPowerTurbo Technology. You can move it from 0-100Km/Hr in just 9 seconds. It offers you fuel consumption value of 5.8-5.9L for every 100Km and it’s CO2 emission level is 5.8-5.9L/100Km.

Enhancements in BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW 318d Touring and 316d Touring has been added in the existing line of BMW 3 Series Touring, both these models features 6-speed automatic transmission but you can also get them 8-speed automatic transmission that is available as an option. Both models are powered by 2L 4-cylinder diesel engine that is available with Twin Power Turbo Technology.

The BMW 318d Touring

  • You can speed it from 0-100Km/Hr in Just 9seconds.
  • Top speed of 210Km/Hr can be achieved with it.
  • Fuel consumption value is 4.5-4.7L/100Km.
  • CO2 emission value is 119-123/Km.

The BMW 316d Touring

  • You can move to 100Km/Hr in just 9 seconds.
  • You can attain top speed of 200Km/Hr with it.
  • It’s fuel consumption value and CO2 emission level is same like 318d Touring.

Wait for few months if you wish to buy any of the new / improved model of BMW vehicles.

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