• December 5, 2008

BMW Mini E: The coolest electric car

If fully charged, this BMW Mini E electric car can cover 150miles with 95mph top speed. Isn’t coolly impressive?

It is cool as well as whisperingly quiet, but you would find the British classic without back seats as they have been replaced with the battery pack of 250kg.

Similarly, you would find a dial instead of the rev counter to find out how many miles your mini E can cover before plugging this Mini E at the mains.

Its battery life expectancy is 100,000 miles and it takes nearly 10 hrs to be fully recharged.

Recently UK Science Minister, Paul Drayson has urged the auto industry to produce such electric vehicles as help meeting the government carbon emissions targets.

A study from UK transport department says that almost 22% carbon emissions in UK originate from transport that includes 13% which come from private vehicles. The study also says that carbon emission due to road transport can be cut almost half with electric vehicles.

As far as specs are concerned, the Mini E features a 150KW electric motor which is powered with a lithium-ion battery that expels almost 200hp.

This new BMW is on trial in California, New Jersey and New York and its further trials have been planned during the next summer in many European countries.

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