• January 27, 2009

BMW’s Models Earning Great Applause For The Fourth Time Consecutively

bmwm3_0The top magazine What Car? considered as the bible amongst the new car buyers, has acclaimed BMW the ‘Best Compact Executive’ car for the fourth year.

These acclamations have come one after the other consecutively.

Managing Director of BMW UK, Klaus Kibsgaard said, “It’s always a pleasure to be recognized for your endeavors.

The BMW 3 Series is the lifeblood of our model portfolio and this prestigious award adds further weight to its class-leading position in the eyes of buyers.”

Amazingly the BMW 3 series has won the title amongst its own models. As per rules, the competition is always amongst the short listed top rated automobiles of the past years, which were BMWs already. Consequently, BMW’s 320d ES won this latest race.


This acclaimed praise is another star in BMW’s chest. Previously in 2008, BMW 3 series have won awards.

These awards are: Best Small Premium Car’ from Business Car, ‘Best Large Family Vehicle’ from the Environmental Transport Association, and ‘Best Compact Executive’ at Auto Express’s Used Car Honours.


BMW also won the 2008 award of the ‘Engine Development Team of the Year’ at the Automotive Testing Technology International Awards.

Established in 2006, these awards aimed at encouraging the efforts made at the part of manufacturers and engineers to upgrade reliability, quality and usability of cars.


The outstanding achievements by the engineers are greatly acknowledged by this award giving. Apart from the automobile field, the award giving ritual is followed in many others to encourage good work and quality products.


  • Amazing car… I know. I own one! 🙂

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