• August 26, 2009

BMW on Expansion of Their Mini Line-up

BMW Mini CoupeThe BMW has been extending on their dual seat coupe from being roadster models with their new confirmation plans. This is a performance based coupe that will bring you a lot more in its form than any other two-seater. This is the premiere of yet another Mini Coupe that was first released back in 1959.

The new coupe is coming to the Frankfurt motor show with their new carmaker, BMW, displaying all the new and fantastic design elements that they have brought to the new model. There will be several carmakers there who will be unveiling their new releases at this important motor show. Similarly styled two-seaters from other makers will also find its way there. Sources say that these about to be released cars could be right there making an appeal for further raising the popularity of the motor show.

 SCredit: carmagazine.co.uk

The coupe and roadster would be revealed as Mini van with their newly built 4-wheel drive SUV. This will totally be in the mould of the previous high-riding Crossman concept. These are all ready to take the market by storm as popular but iconic small cars. So now the coupe, roadster and SUV are coming to be released as a trio that will be ever so more popular in their new avatars. The SUV is being made through the highway Crossman concept!.

Source: autoweek

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