• May 25, 2009

BMW to include GT in its 5-series line

bmw gt 5-seriesBMW has decided to equip its 5-series line with an SUV packing, elevated seating as well as the addition of a new liftback model that has been named as GT or Grand Turismo.

According to BMW, the vehicle will soon be in the production and it’s expected to debut in the coming fall at Frankfurt motor show. The vehicle will be available in the US by the end of this year with the price tag lower than $70,000s.

With its particular kidney grille, the GT is expected to go nice with a BMW and it is going to have a lower half that is quite similar to their new 7-series. However, you will find it wider, longer and taller with a 7.1-inch longer wheelbase.

There are frameless doors that help to provide sufficient space for entry and at the rear; a patented hinging process has been used for its two-piece trunk.
Just like earlier concept that include four seats, the coming model will be a five seater while its rear seats to slide fore ands after as well as they could also be folded down.

BMW is going to sell only one model in the US market that is 2010 550i GT which is a rear wheel drive model. It will house a 4.4-liter twin turbocharged, 400horsepower V8 that could boost 450 lb-ft torque. According to BMW, the car will seem to hit 60mph in just 5.4 seconds.

Source: AutoWeek

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