• October 3, 2012

Bombastic Launch of Mercedes Benz B-Class in India

Good News for Indian fans of Mecedes! Soon after its arrival, Mercedes Benz B-Class received high appreciations of car lovers and automobile critics. The response of the people was really great and this fact is evident from the initial sales report.

Director of Sales & Marketing at Mercedes-Benz India Mr. Debashis Mitra said, “We are extremely excited with the initial response of the B-Class in India. Our Strategy of introducing the segment and then launching the car has been well received by our customers. The huge response only demonstrates that the Three Pointed Star is easily the most aspired brand in India and kicks off a beginning of our product offensive in the next couple of years in India.”


Only true car lovers know the true worth of Mercedes Benz B-Class because this superb model is equipped with revolutionary features that offers comfort, safety and convenience in a luxury package. The launch of this luxury model opened the doors of the new category in the segment of compact cars. Yes we are talking about the “Sports Touring” segment, this segment will cover the luxury and sporty needs of people who always wish to acquire a sporty, luxury and comfortable compact car.

USP of Mercedes Benz B-Class

Sporty design and hi-tech Powertrain are the best unique selling propositions of Mercedes Benz B-Class. It’s Dual Clutch Transmission and Paddle shift will remind you high class sports car because this combination empowers the Powertrain. Complete Sporty look to this “Sport Touring” is given by panoramic sunroof, Bi-xenon Headlights and unique styling features.

Safety Comes First

7 Air bags are carefully positioned inside the sporty cabin to protect the driver and occupants from uncertain crash and collisions. Besides, you will also feel safe due to following safety feature;

  • Latest ABS system
  • Acceleration Skid Control
  • Electronic Stability Program
  • Brake Assist System
  • Indicator for Warning about Tire Pressure Loss

 Need for Speed

Being a sporty model, you can easily accelerate it from 0-100Km/Hr in just 10 seconds and achieve a top speed of 190Km/Hr due to its Sport Touring nature.


This sporty Mercedes model will be delivered on booking from January 2013.

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