• August 26, 2009

British Driver Creates New Steam Car Speed Record

Car Speed RecordCharles Burnett III drove his steam car to a high speed of 139.843 mph setting new records in the history of steam car speeding in the world. He was delighted to find everything in the system working on his favor and had applied the parachute before reaching the nearly 140 mph records on his 2nd try.

Burnett had been really excited and happy with the win over the age old (103 years) record in steam car speeding. The last record was set forth by Fred Marriott who was in California.

Burnett went to 136.103 on his 1st go and then accelerated to a wonderful 151.085 mph on the 2nd. The average of the two comes around to set about the record speed he created. The speed and the run overall are yet to be certified by FIA. The British driver had been quite ahead of the previous mark being set by Marriott which was 127 mph.

Source: autoweek


  • Wow! Congratulations to the people behind this Steam Car. This is really a big achievement! I hope they develop this technology further so that steam could become one of the alternative fuels of the future.

  • Wonderful achievement, From History, steam is still a powerful source of energy, and this event proves that Old is Gold.

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