• October 23, 2018

Reasons to Buy your Parts at a Salvage Yard

Reasons to Buy your Parts at a Salvage Yard

I’m sure most will agree that getting your car repaired can be a very expensive process, especially when it requires having to replace old, often outdated parts. When it comes to getting auto parts, I’ll do whatever I can to get around the price. If you’re buying parts from a dealership, it’ll often carry a hefty price tag, which is why I suggest buying parts from a salvage yard. I’ve realized I can easily find the same parts in a salvage yard that a dealership has, that has models ranging from 5 to 15 years old.

A salvage yard will not only save you money but also gives you a wider variety of parts to choose from and the ability to make your vehicle entirely customizable. Often times, people who drive aren’t the most auto-savvy when it comes to understanding their vehicle. If their car engine displays even the slightest trouble, they’ll sell it to a salvage yard before it’s properly inspected; which is why the majority of cars and parts that sit in salvage yards still have years of life left on them. Salvage yards, such as the pick and pull Utah location, have plenty of newer vehicles to choose from and a skilled staff who’s equipped to help you locate the part you’re looking for. Going to a salvage yard allowed me to find the exact same part and model number I was looking for and saved me hundreds of dollars. Here are some advantages of buying recycled parts from a salvage yard.

Saves you money 

The most obvious advantage of going to a salvage yard is it saves you money; you’ll be able to save drastically, possibly up to 50%. Every car, in order to be maintained properly, should have an annual servicing. Many times that means having to replace a few parts that could be past their prime and no longer usable. Salvage yards are also a great place to find a good set of tires for a reasonable price; you’ll be able to find the same quality brand tires that your dealership offers at a much lower price. One of the reasons going to a salvage yard is less expensive is mainly because you’re responsible for salvaging the part, often the staff will help you for a small fee but this is still a vastly cheaper option than a buying from a dealership. The parts we buy from auto retailers are unnecessarily expensive; many mechanics will charge you a markup on retail parts. A salvage yard is always the best bet for parts. A majority of auto dealerships acquire their parts from salvage yards. They can then retouch and sell for double the price.

Easier to find parts 

Often it can take a dealership up to a month to locate a specific part, and at least a week to ship after it’s located. Many people forget parts often weigh hundreds of pounds, which means you’ll end up paying hundreds in shipping costs. If you go to a salvage yard, you’ll be able to have the part that same day. When someone suggests “you should try a salvage yard” often people picture themselves rummaging around through a huge chaotic mess of mismatched, rusted cars endlessly stacked on top of each other. In actuality, a salvage yard often has a detailed inventory of available parts and a list of all the make and models of all their vehicles. Many people may want to customize their vehicle, a salvage yard will have parts that are no longer produced that you’ll often have trouble finding. Salvaged parts are more affordable, safe, and provide the same quality as the parts dealerships offer and their parts meet the same OEM standards. Another advantage of going to a salvage yard is you don’t have to be worried about a pesky auto dealer trying to pressure you into buying a part that you’re not 100% confident in.

Benefits our environment 

Many do not realize the biggest advantage of using recycled parts is how it benefits our environment. Used parts often end up sitting in a landfill, which has been known to contaminate soil and produce an excess amount of carbon dioxide. An average car is made up of 30,000 parts; most of these parts can be recycled and used again. Nearly 26 vehicles are recycled every minute, a salvage yard will not only save you money, but it will also help reduce the impact to our environment.

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