• February 19, 2015

Buying A Lexus? These Ingenious Ideas Will Get You Cheaper Insurance!

Buying A Lexus? These Ingenious Ideas Will Get You Cheaper Insurance!

Lexus is a Japanese luxury car marque. We all know that high-end vehicles can often cost a lot of money to insure. If you’re thinking of buying a Lexus model soon, the cost of insuring it will doubtless have crossed your mind at some point.

But don’t think that you have to limit yourself to a basic model. That’s because it’s possible to get cheaper insurance for any of the Lexus models on sale! Want to know how? Keep reading this blog post to find out!

Remove any expired endorsements on your licence

When you have penalty points on your driving licence, you have to apply to get them removed once they expire. The trouble is; if you don’t do that, your insurance could still remain higher than it should be!

You should have some paperwork that explains when your penalty points will expire. Usually, you can only remove them one year after they expire. Still, it’s worth checking and getting them removed where possible.

Sign up to an owners club

The great thing about the Lexus brand is that there is a plethora of owners clubs around the world. Becoming a member of such a club lets you chat with like-minded enthusiasts. From an insurance point of view, it also helps you to get lower premiums.

One of the salesmen at Inchcape Lexus once told me insurers consider members of owners clubs to be less of an insurance risk. That’s because they are more likely to “look after” their cars. And they are also less likely to drive their vehicles with hasty abandon!

Some Lexus owners clubs also have affiliated insurance companies. That means you will get a discount on your premiums if you get a policy through them rather than their competitors.

Park your Lexus in the garage

One of the risk factors that causes Lexus insurance premiums to skyrocket is where the cars get parked at night. Most people leave their cars on driveways. Others park on the street. From an insurance point of view, the best place to park your Lexus at night is in your garage!

Car thieves that scour your area looking for targets will avoid your pride and joy because it’s not in plain sight.

Use cashback and comparison websites

The Internet is a useful resource when it comes to saving money on your Lexus insurance. One way to get cheaper insurance is to buy through a cashback and comparison website. The way it works is simple.

You visit a comparison website through the cashback site. When you find an attractive policy on offer, you buy it. Not only do you save money on your premium, but you also get some cashback on the deal too!

Cashback sites use affiliate links. That means they get a commission whenever someone buys a product or service through their site. When they receive their commission, they split some of the proceeds with you in the form of cashback.

By following the above tips, you’re bound to get an incredible deal on your Lexus car insurance!

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