• April 13, 2015

Buying An Electric Car? Here’s Why You Should Consider The Nissan Leaf!

Buying An Electric Car? Here’s Why You Should Consider The Nissan Leaf!

The Nissan Leaf is often billed as a vehicle that could help signal the end of the internal combustion engine. Why? Because it’s an affordable, practical electric car that doesn’t have outlandish styling!

Sales figures for the car are promising. It’s a fact that the model is growing in popularity across the globe. But, if you are considering an electric vehicle for your next car, why should you choose the Nissan Leaf? Here are a few reasons to digest:

It’s not a hybrid

One of the biggest selling points of the Nissan Leaf is that it’s a pure electric vehicle. Most car makers seem focused on building petrol or diesel hybrids. If you want a real eco-friendly car, the only practical choice is to go down the electric route.

Others like hydrogen cars cost too much to buy, and the infrastructure is almost non-existent. At least, it is if you live outside of California and Japan!

It’s great for town and city driving

Let’s face it; you don’t get a huge range out of a full charge with the Nissan Leaf. In fact, you’re lucky to get 120 miles on a good day. But then, most cars in this category seldom venture out to other far-away locations.

People buy small hatchbacks because they want a capable car for driving around their local towns and cities. Don’t get me wrong though; it is possible to go on long journeys with the Nissan Leaf. You just need to make a few stops to recharge the car’s batteries.

The good news for people worried about “range anxiety” is that the public charging network is growing. Most places offer fast DC chargers. That means you can achieve an 80% charge in just 30 minutes. Otherwise, you have to wait eight hours for a full charge.

Used values make the Nissan Leaf even more appealing

According to Roger at the Pentagon Group, people worried about the prices of new EVs need not get concerned with the Nissan Leaf. Even 12-month-old models are affordable to the masses.

I know that we’re not talking about an electric vehicle as expensive as say the Tesla Model S.

But, some motorists have tight budgets and cannot afford to spend the cash on going green! That makes the Leaf an attractive proposition to such drivers.

You can lease the battery instead of buying it

Other car makers like Renault lease their batteries in an effort to make their EVs more affordable to customers. Nissan has traditionally steered clear of battery leasing. Now, it seems, they have taken a u-turn on their policy because of customer feedback.

What that means for new or used Nissan Leaf buyers is that there’s never been a better time to get this vehicle. Compared with an outright purchase, leasing a battery is the most cost-effective option. Especially as customers are likely to upgrade their cars in a few years for the next newest models.

So, when will you be getting your Nissan Leaf?

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