• November 8, 2014

Can you get Cheaper Insurance as a Student Driver?

Can you get Cheaper Insurance as a Student Driver?

With National Teen Driver Safety week having recently passed, there has been a huge emphasis placed on parents to shape the behaviour of their children when behind the wheel. More specifically, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has initiated a ‘Parents are Key’ campaign to empower parents and afford them the tools to encourage the development of safe driving habits. Whether this is ultimately successful or not remains to be seen, although the CDC website has a host of tools to help facilitate a practical implementation.

 Is it Possible for Students and Teen Drivers to Access Cheap Car Insurance?

 While the cultivation of safe driving habits may well help to boost the prevailing levels of road safety, it will do little to lower the existing rate of car insurance for students. It is possible to reduce your rate of car insurance as a young driver, however, so long as you keep the following points in mind: –

 1. Complete an Advanced Driving Course

 Once you have passed your standard driving test, it is only logical that you should want to buy a car and hit the road immediately. This will expose you to potentially higher car insurance premiums, however, so you will need to take further steps before purchasing a new vehicle. More specifically, you should look to complete an advanced driving course that teaches more complex road skills and builds your experience of traversing the motorway. This will be rewarded with an additional accreditation upon completion of the course, and it can help to improve your standing in the eyes of insurers while lowering your premiums.

 2. Choose your Vehicle Wisely

On another note, it is important to remember that your choice of vehicle has a direct impact on the insurance premiums that you pay. If you are a young and newly qualified driver who wants to purchase a high performance vehicle, for example, you can expect to pay an extremely high premium as insurers look to offset any potential risk. With this in mind, you can reduce your premiums by choosing a vehicle with a more modest specification and higher levels of fuel efficiency.

3. Partner with a Specialist Insurance Firm

On a final note, student drivers who are devoted to sourcing cheaper insurance should look to compare the market and partner with a specialist service provider. These entities, which include companies such as Axa IE, have carefully tailored policies that are dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage for young and inexperienced drivers. This can help you to save considerable sums of money over a prolonged period of time, and help you to reduce the overall cost of car ownership.


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