• March 21, 2018

Must Have Car Accessories for your New Car

Must Have Car Accessories for your New Car

We tend to spend a lot of time in our cars, making day-to-day trips can sometimes be troublesome. We’ve put up a list to make your everyday trips easier with these must-have auto accessories.

Make your Cargo space organized:

Make your Cargo space organized
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Keep your groceries and bags from spilling everywhere with the help of this convenient net. The net has three pockets to keep things organized and prevent them from shifting when you make a hard corner. The net is really easy to install with its built-in hooks for temporary installment.

Track your keys:

Track your keys

Whenever we are getting late and need to get somewhere urgently, our car keys like to play a little game with us called hide and seek, well, not anymore! With this cool and fashionable device you can keep track of your car keys at all times. This Bluetooth tracking tag can be attached to your car keys and connects with your phone to alerts you about their location.

Don’t let your phone fall between the seats:

Don’t you just hate when your phone, coins or something else falls in the gap between the seat and the console? Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. This great utility gadget is here to make your life a little easier. KMMotors Console side pocket is designed to utilize the small space and keep your things organized. It features a coin pocket and a slot to keep the extra change, a thin pocket to hold your phone, wallet or keys, etc., and best of all an extra cup holder.

Drop Stop:

Drop Stop

If you are not too keen on getting a console organizer then don’t worry, we have got you covered with this simple yet so useful gadget. The drop stop is designed to fit between the console and the driver tips to seat so won’t lose anything in that narrow crack of annoyance.

Keep Track of your Car:

Keep Track of your Car

Track your vehicle with this very useful gadget that connects to you smartphone to update you about the whereabouts of your car at all times. It can also be used by paranoid parents to keep track of their teens or if your friend has borrowed your car you can always know the location of your car with this device.

MobileEye 560:

Mobileeye 560 is a must-have gadget. It is simply brilliant and updates you in real-time to help prevent accidents. The system works with the help of a smart camera that is installed on the front windscreen. The camera measures the distance between vehicles, read speed limits and detect pedestrians to evaluate data and warn you about dangerous situations. You can add it up with safety seats to make your vehicle even safer.

Know Your Car Better:

Know Your Car Better

Automatic is a small smart car adapter that gives you essential data about your vehicle. The device is plugged into the onboard diagnostics port of the car and can do amazing things like diagnosing engine problems, remembering where you parked your car, display your trip history and call for help in case of emergency. It can also be connected to Amazon Echo to make your life easier.

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