• July 25, 2018

5 Car Gadgets That Could Help Make Your Journey Better

5 Car Gadgets That Could Help Make Your Journey Better

Being a driver can be exhausting at times, and for most people, it can often become boring if there’s nothing more than yourself and the four walls of the motor itself. While you may have very little to entertain you on the road, there are a few gadgets that you could invest in to make any journey more enjoyable and a little less tiring too. Take note of the items below and keep them in mind for your next road trip!

1) Dash Cam

Though you may feel that dash cams paint a picture of a middle-aged police officer on patrol around busy city roads, they’re actually useful for everyday motorists too – especially given how often people purposely frustrate others nowadays. Dash cams aren’t that expensive to buy, and if you decide to get one of them yourself, you might be able to provide yourself or others with evidence of illegal activities on the road.

2) GPS Tracker

If you live in a popular area, you’ll know the worry of having your car stolen by a gang of crooks or thieves. But the GPS trackers, a small device you can attach to any hidden part of your car, can help track your car’s whereabouts under such circumstances. With a GPS tracker, there’s no need for you to worry about claiming on the insurance as you’ll be able to find your car in no time!

3) Back Seat Organiser

back seat organizer

If you’re a fan of keeping things clean and tidy, you’d love a back-seat organiser! Essentially, for a small investment, you can grab a car seat organiser from your local supermarket or in some cases, a local dealer garage, and be able to keep the back of your car organized during any journey. Sometimes, a journey needs a little bit of structure and things need to be in place beforehand for the outcome to be its best, which is why this is an item you should consider. Otherwise, let your OCD run wild!

4) MotorMood

motor mood

Over time, car gadgets have become more advanced and we are able to do all sorts of things with our motors to make them stand out on the road. But you won’t have seen anything quite like this before; and what a wonderful gadget it is. With the new MotorMood, you can let the driver behind you know when the colour of the traffic lights are changing to give them extra time to get ready to move again, not only that, but you can also say ‘thank you’ when another motorist lets you out – all using emojis and different colour themes!

5) Spareone Plus

Spareone Plus

Everybody knows the struggle of planning their road trip and finding difficult to make contact for help during a breakdown, but with the Spareone Plus, there’s no need to panic anymore! They’re relatively cheap to buy and easy to use, not to mention that you won’t have to walk all the way over to the nearest SOS phone to make the call to the recovery team – it’s much easier and hassle-free.


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