• October 12, 2010

Car Insurance: Best way to save

Car Insurance

You might be very careful when you drive a car or any vehicle but you cannot avoid an encounter with other motorist who is driving madly. Sometime people overtake your vehicle. It is very dangerous. Every day we read in newspaper that car trouble happens. So the next question is how to cover up this damage. Car or auto insurance is best way to cover up all the losses.

As we know that buying car insurance is very expensive. But it is single and most crucial element in owing and driving a vehicle.

So here are some tips for buying car insurance:

  • First you have to make a list of the most reputable car insurance companies and compare car insurance quotes with each other.
  • You must have to thoroughly examine the insurance polices.
  • Compare the insurance liabilities of each company while making final decision.
  • You must know the insurance rate.
  • The higher the deductible, the less the premium.
  • If you have purchased several policies with came carrier then it will cause premium reduction.
  • In a case in which your car is not fitted with an approved immobilizer then compare care insurance with or without on fitted. It will be cost effective to have one installed.
  • You have to limit the number of miles which you drive and tell your insurance company that your typical annual mileage is this when getting quotes.
  • For teenager it is good to drive a small car with low engine.
  • You have to restrict the driver to your insurance policy. In particular you have to minimize the number of driver of age under twenty five.
  • If you have taking the insurance of more then one car then ask about the discount.
  • You have to take record of payment for car insurance claim of a company.
  • You must have to check the history and reputation of their paying claim to the previous customers.
  • The most important thing that you have to take in your notice is that customer service of insurance company is good or not.
  • Make sure that policy includes the basics such as property damage, uninsured motorist coverage, bodily injury coverage and collision coverage.
  • Park your car in garage or safe place where less chance of stolen or vandalized.


Insurance of car or vehicle is good thing. On average every 5 second motor vehicle crash is occur so it is good for you to insure your vehicle whether it is compulsory in your country or not.


  • Car or auto insurance is best way to cover up all the losses.

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