• December 21, 2012

Car Insurance for Young People and New Drivers

by bluemoon197511

If you recently became a licensed driver or if the new EU ruling sent your rates sky high then you may be beginning to see that the difference between having a driver’s license and being able to drive is still a large gap. Understanding some of the factors that affect how wide that gap is can help you gain the mobility and freedom you had hoped for.  The good news is you have some control over many of these things and with proper planning can help to reduce your overall insurance costs.

I can’t change my age or how long ago I passed the driver exam…

No, but that does not mean you cannot still do things to mitigate the effect. Have a seasoned responsible driver on the policy with you if you can. Do not say they are the primary driver if they are not, but just having them on the policy can help a lot. Check the policies of other vehicles in your household. Often good savings can be found with multi car policies or households instead of going it alone.

I just want to be able to drive – what is the cheapest insurance?

That will depend on a lot of things. Start with what you want to drive. You may prefer one make or style of vehicle over another but do you prefer it £1000 per year more? Get your insurance estimate before finalising an agreement to purchase a car. Some vehicle purchases can even have insurance coverage included in the transaction.  If you just want to drive, the next question would be to drive how much and when? If you can keep the miles driven per year very low that can be factored into your quote, and there are policies that allow for lower rates based on the time of day that you drive. While the comparison sites are excellent for getting ideas on rates, sometimes the best cheap car insurance in Ireland can be found with a bespoke policy tailored to your specific needs.

What options do I really need in a policy?

That is largely dependent on you. Compare third party only policies to comprehensive and see if the difference matters in premium. Do not just assume that comprehensive is more as that is not always the case. Consider the excess amount you need. It would be nice to not have to pay £1000 out of pocket if an accident occurs but realistically would you want to make a £500 claim if it costs you more every year for having made the claim and loses future no claim bonuses?

Shop, compare, and work through many different ways of putting together a policy to make it affordable now. Most importantly be a cautious driver, avoid speeding tickets (2 tickets can be a 20% increase in premium) and use a hands free device with your mobile (a ticket for that may nearly double your premiums).  These things are all under your control.

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