• March 13, 2012

Car Maintenance for Tyres

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Even if it is purely for financial reasons, it makes sense for anyone who drives a car to know the basics of car maintenance, such as checking the tyre pressure, the oil in the engine and the condition of the brakes. While all of these things can be checked by a qualified mechanic, knowing how to perform these kinds of basic maintenance checks for yourself will save you a considerable amount of money. All that is required is some basic information and tools, plus a bit of spare time, in order to master these tasks.

One of the most important things that need to be subject to regular maintenance checks is the tyres, as taking to the road on tyres which are either worn or not properly inflated is extremely dangerous – plus it is illegal to drive with tyres that have insufficient tread depth. Ideally, the depth of tread on your tyres should not fall below the level of around 3mm as this will ensure that they are able to cope with the worst of slippery road surfaces and to avoid a road traffic accident – as you never know when the roads will be made difficult by rain and ice.

When it comes to checking the pressure of your tyres, this should be done when the car has not been in recent use, as the reading that you will get for tyres that are not cold will be inaccurately high. The measurement for car tyre pressure is pounds per square inch, with the correct amount provided in the manual for your car. If you find that your tyres have less than the listed amount, they need to be inflated, using either an air line, and watch the pressure gauge to see when they reach the necessary level. Should you accidentally put too much in, you can release some excess pressure by depressing the pin located in the centre of the tyre valve.”

Car maintenance is very important, tyres need to be checked timely, there are many auto care centres out there, you can also checkout Tyre-Shopper and National for Tyre shopping and auto-care if you are in UK.

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