With Car Technology Advancing All The Time What Can We Expect To See in The Future?

With Car Technology Advancing All The Time What Can We Expect To See in The Future?
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Car Technology Advancing

The cars of today are safer than ever before, but as technology advances these vehicles will only get better. Car technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate, meaning that we will have to adapt and change the way we drive. Autonomous driving technology is still in its infancy, but with big technology companies and car manufacturers working in tandem to develop the perfect self-driving car, it is a matter of when instead of if we will see this technology in the mainstream.

However, until the technology (and our roads) is ready for self-driving cars, what else can we expect to see on our cars in the near future? YourParkingSpace has looked at this emerging technology and has created an infographic which examines these in more detail.

Safety is at the top of every manufacturers mind when it comes to building vehicles, and we can expect to see multiple safety sensors being used in the near future. We already have cars fitted with parking sensors and collision avoidance systems, but this technology will advance to encompass the whole car to protect the occupants from crashes.

Health monitoring has become popular ever since smartphones and wearables hit the market and we will see this technology used in car of the future too. This technology could let the driver know if they are getting tired or overly stressed behind the wheel and provide drivers with information on how to avoid it.

It is also likely that cars of the future will become cheaper to run too. Car manufacturers are already looking into more efficient batteries for their electric vehicles, faster charging times and alternative energy like solar power and energy storing body panels.

Check out the infographic below to find out more of the technology that will feature on the cars of the future.

Car Technology Advancing

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