• February 4, 2019

Equip Your Car with a Latest Dash-cam and Be Benefitted

Equip Your Car with a Latest Dash-cam and Be Benefitted

A car itself is a very comfortable thing and if you get it fitted with a car dashcam, it will not only become more graceful but also benefit you a lot. Dashboard cameras, now available at very affordable prices, have become increasingly popular owing to the advantages that come with them. They are very sensitive even to the faintest sound and every bit of image of the events taking place in the car or on the road. Out of so many advantages, followings are the chief most.

1. First-hand evidence in car accidents

The moment you start your car, the dash camera starts its working and most cameras record on loop. It means that a new footage replaces the old one whenever you restart your car. The main reason the drivers are installing the dash camera is that it provides an efficient and real time proof in case of an accident. Whether or not your car is involved in the accident will be clearly shown by the dash camera of your car. If you are not on the wrong, you can strengthen your claim by retrieving the recorded footage in any court trials that may arise afterwards. You will not have to prove the guilt of the other driver with the help of strong arguments, which will save you a lot of your precious time. So, a dash-cam will save you all the mess and fuss that come with an accident.

2. Captures crime

Nowadays, dash cameras are coming fitted with the feature like that of a car alarm. It allows them to keep the stand-by mode and turn on as soon as there is some motion in or around the car. The greatest advantage of this feature is that it helps capture crimes which occur when you expect them the least. If something untoward happens to your car, you only need to go through the footage. Having identified the individual or the car responsible, you may give the proof to the police or the court.

3. Prevents insurance fraud

Many fraudsters try to earn money by staging fake accidents hoping to charge money from the victim. In such cases, the footage from the dash-cam can be presented to the all including the concerning insurance companies and the police. It will fail the criminal intentions of the fraudsters and any unnecessary payment will not be made to or by anyone.

4. Helps the concerned parents

Teenage children are not as responsible as you expect them at times. So, it is much better to keep an eye on them wherever they go and whatever they do. A dash-cam helps the concerned parents a lot in this connection. They can get the footage on the type of driving their teen has been practising, the places he or she has been visiting and the unexpected passengers he or she has been inviting to sit in your car. Fitted with a GPS feature, a dash-cam can give parents the real-time location of their teen.

5. Records road-trip memories

You always plan a road trip to have some fun experiences with your friends and family members. You treasure those memorable experiences in your mind long afterwards. With the help of your dash-cam, you can easily revisit these cherished moments and transfer them to the next generation to learn a lot from them.

So, you can see that the advanced technology can serve us a lot in our daily affairs and save both our time and money.

Image by Veeresh Malik

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