• June 13, 2009

Challenger is set for the modern pony-car war by Camaro and Mustang

Ford’s MustangThere was a time when Pony cars were very famous and a trend was set about the high-horsepower pony cars and this trend was set about 40 years back. In 1969, Detroit was the first one to set a trend for the high-octane horsepower cars between the 3 of the most famous and giants of automakers.

Ford’s Mustang was a brand that was famous and liked amongst the customers around the era of the 1960’s and thousands of Ford’s Mustang were on the roads till 1969. At that time, the local dealers of the Ford’s Mustang had about eight of the Mustang alternative engines for sale and the names for the alternatives engines included pedestrian six-cylinder along with the 220-hp model, it also included the names of the Boss 429 cranking out 370 hp.


Camaro, a very high quality name in the line of cars, launched way back in the late 1960’s by Chevrolet, Camaro got a lot of success and appreciation against the original brand of pony cars that came by way of about 10 versions that were especially designed and introduced for sale. At the bottom of the ranking or rating was the name of the 140-hp six-cylinder and most importantly at the top of the table or ranking, a 396-cubic-inch V8 making 375 hp was there.

Source: autoweek

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