• March 11, 2010

Chevrolet Beat: A Review

Chevrolet Beat

Are you thinking of buying a Chevrolet Beat? We shall tell you all the things you need to know, before you go ahead and make the purchase. This will be a review on the car.

Photo by hobbes8calvin

There are many things about the car that you are bound to love. For instance, the inside and outside are both funky and attractive. It’s light and easy to drive, and perfect for beginners. You don’t have to deal with any bumpiness, the ride quality is decent. Plus, you will surely notice the superbike-inspired speedometer. The interiors are well done, there is ARAI fuel efficiency topper, and there is a 3 year service guarantee from Chevrolet. But the unconventional styling might not be for everyone.

The Chevrolet Beat comes from GM Daewoo (South Korea), and it is based on the M300 platform. The Matiz was based on the M100 platform, and the Spark was based on the M200 platform. The Chevrolet Beat does not come in a beige option, there’s no possibility of driver seat adjustment, keyless entry, or even steering mounted controls on the end. The rear windows at the back are very small, thus you get a feeling of mild claustrophobia. And the car isn’t available with diesel, that will be launched in a year or so.

However, the Beat does have a lot going for it. The dashboard is cool and swoopy, and you’re sure to love the superbike-style meter arrangement. The exteriors are quite unusual, but it takes some getting used to. There is a squarish digital display on the right of the speedometer, when you can find the information on the RPM meter and the fuel gauge. At first look, the display might seem a little cluttered, but you’ll learn to like it in time. The Beat has subtle black panel, which runs from the front door panels to the dashboard. One of the things that are rather bad about the Beat is the colors of the interiors – which are dull and boring.

The driving position is rather low, and gives a slight sport-like feel to driving. The front seats are quite support and the lateral support is excellent. Plus, there is a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, with a three-spoke design, and there are even contours where you can place your thumbs. However, you should note that you might find the bright silver finish of the steering spokes a little tacky.

But one of the things that work about the Beat is the fact that you can read the RPM, trip meter, time, and fuel tank crystal clearly. There is no glare or reflection, even in broad daylight. What’s more, the Beat is quite different from the Spark, in the sense that the control stalks are correctly configured for right hand drive, for instance, the wiper controls are on the left. The dashboard is also set a little higher, and the driver’s seat is rather low.

The ergonomics of the car are up to standard, all the crucial controls are right at hand. You might find the cut of the gear-knob a little strange; perhaps a traditional design would have been better? You’ll like the clarity of the wing mirrors; they are also quite user-friendly, even the left hand mirror gives you a good view of the two expressway lanes. But you don’t have electric adjustment for the mirrors, unfortunately. There is also no MID showing real-time fuel efficiency.

Photo by RIPizzo

On the whole, the Beat has good interiors and finish, just that short drivers might have an issue because of the non-adjustment options of seat height. Else, it’s a pretty decent car which would definitely be a good purchase.

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